61 Piano-size Touch-sensitive Key XG Portable Keyboard with Disk Drive



Be a professional musician or sound just like one!

Professional performance and features at an amateur price.

PSR350/550 Catalogue [English] PSR350/550 CataloguePDF [318KB]

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Yamaha PSR-500-series keyboards have always been powerful, now they're also colorful. The PSR-550 is one of the first portable keyboards in its price range to include a backlit, multi-color LCD display. The color changes by function to simplify operation. The EZ Navigator — Yamaha's great interactive help — has also been improved to make the PSR-550 still easier to use.

Yamaha's remarkable new Music Database makes playing songs a simple proposition as well. Choose from over 200 song titles in the database and the PSR-550 will set itself up for that song. Yamaha improved the PSR-550's sound over its predecessor by more than doubling the voice memory and by adding new voices and styles.


Music Database

Set up the entire keyboard by selecting a song title. Learning the many sounds and features of a Portable Keyboard has never been easier. Press the Music Database button, select a song and start playing. Each database title configures the PSR-550 with th...

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