76-Full Size Key Portable Digital Piano



Discover a new world of music with this compact personal piano.

76-Full Size Key Portable Digital Piano

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Enter a world of uncompromising sound quality with the Yamaha YPP-50 personal electronic piano. Designed and built for people, who really care about music, the YPP-50 brings you acoustic piano sounds that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. And all in an amazingly compact and stylish body. If you're ready to step up from your portable electronic keyboard, or even if you're just starting out, you deserve the quality and realism of the YPP-50. At the heart of the astonishingly lifelike sound is Yamaha's unique AWM technology. AWM features multiple digital samples of fine acoustic pianos. So when you strike a key, what you hear is a digital recording of a concert grand, captured in all its complex majesty. Plus the 76-key keyboard, with its piano-like touch, is sure to satisfy. Try the new YPP-50 and discover the new world of personal music.



8 instrument voices to choose from: Piano, Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Vibes, Strings, Brass, Pipe Organ or Bass to match the mood of your music. Harpsichord and Pipe Organ are perfect for Bach. The mellow sounds of Electric Piano or Vibes are ideal for...

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