The Compact, Affordable Digital Workstation

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Dual top-quality DSPs for effects processing. - Quick Rec function for faster and easier set up. - MIDI-Remote for DAW controller. 28ch Digital Mixer - 28 input channels, 18 mix busses. - Motor faders and full mix automation. - Powerful channels functions inherited from the indu try-leading 02R Digital Mixer. HD Recording (one unit included in the product package) - 16 or 24-bit recording (uncompressed). - 16 track plus a stereo track and virtual tracks for as many as 130 tracks, total. - Precision editing and pinpoint location capability. CD-RW:Built-in(CD-RW drive is an optional product) - Master your own audio CDs without leaving the digital domain. - Convenient, reliable data storage and retrieval. - Directly load audio and WAV file importing/exporting from / to CD-ROMs.


Remote Templates

AW2816 real-time control capability continues to expand, with new MIDI Remote Templates for Steinberg Rebirth RB-338 and Yamaha PLG150-AN synthesizers; plus Remote Templates for professional studio software packages.

More Features

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