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SU200/DX200/AN200 Brochure [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 BrochurePDF [11.6MB]
SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer -Loopfactory- [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer -Loopfactory-PDF [4.5MB]
SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer 2 -Loopfactory- [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer 2 -Loopfactory-PDF [326KB]

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Combining a 6-operator 16-note polyphonic FM synthesizer with over one hundred rhythm sounds and a 16-step analog-style sequencer, the DX200 is one of the most unique "groove boxes" available today. Thanks to its realtime control knobs, you can easily get inside this once-forbidden FM architecture and effortlessly tweak the voice parameters to come up with totally bizarre sounds that have never been heard before. Many hip-hop and techno producers are already hip to the punchy bass sounds and radical metallic textures that can be created with FM, and now you can, too! If you've been looking for some fresh new electronic sounds for your dance tracks, the DX200 is your new secret weapon.


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Pumping bass lines, deep tribal rhythms, and liquid leads - it all comes together at the Loopfactory - AN200, SU200, and DX200.

Here you'll find some of the most potent sound sources available for making slammin' dance tracks.

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