Formant Shaping/ FM Synthesis Tone Generator



New Sounds For The New Millennium

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New synthesis technology - FS Synthesis (Formant shaping / FM synthesis) - creates sound with characteristics and flexibility similar to the human voice for extraordinary sonic depth and expressive control. Upward compatible with voices from the "classic" FM synthesizers and tone generators, such as the Yamaha DX and TX series. Formant Sequences - "Fseqs" - produce other-worldly vocal phrases, rhythm loops, and more. Assignable control knobs for extended real-time sonic control as well as easy programming. A huge selection of 1408 preset voices, including the best from the original DX and TX series. Yamaha FM synthesis is back with more musical depth and expressive power than ever before! The FS1R Formant Shaping/FM Synthesis Tone Generator is a perfect example of how a classic tone generation system can evolve to become the music tool of choice for a new generation of artists. While sample-based tone generators merely reproduce a recorded waveform - with added envelopes, filtering, and effects for variety - the FS1R actually creates sound, and therefore offers total control right down to the waveform level. It also includes innovative Formant Shaping technology for even greater sonic scope. The overall result is unmatched musicality and expressive depth ... and after all, that's what music is all about.



Prepare to meet a totally new species of tone generator. For the first time ever it is possible to produce and control sounds with characteristics and flexibility similar to that of the human voice.

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