Music Sequencer



Release Date : 11/2000

The Complete, Portable Accompaniment and Music Production Tool

QY100 Brochure [English] QY100 BrochurePDF [411KB]

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If you're a guitarist, singer, or other instrumentalist who wants an easy way to create great-sounding accompaniment for practice or performance, the QY100 is for you! If you're an artist who needs a versatile song-writing tool for sequencing and music production, the QY100 is perfect for you, too! The QY100 is compact and battery-powered so you can even pop it into your bag or backpack and create and play anywhere, anytime!


Great Features

Amp simulator for killer guitar tone and smooth microphone sound.
Advanced 8-track accompaniment sequencer with an extensive database of more than 4,000 phrases, 128 preset styles, and 99 chord templates.
16-track linear sequencer with a comprehens...

More Features

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