Seamless Integration Of Synthesis, Sampling, And Sequencing

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The Yamaha RS7000 brings it all together. Everything you need for professional-level music production particularly in dance, techno, Hip Hop, R&B, and ambient genres is included and flawlessly integrated in a system that has been specifically designed to facilitate modern production techniques. Delivering unique and powerful features a combination of integrating loops and samples with MIDI, plus the real hands on feel of an intuitive interface the RS7000 is a complete desktop studio that answers the needs of modern music production.


A new concept – the Integrated Sampling Sequencer

Perhaps the most unique function of the RS7000 is the ability to seamlessly integrate audio and MIDI. The 4-MB of onboard sampling memory is expandable to 64 MB. Users can import samples from a variety of formats; sample sounds themselves from external s...

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