Rhythm Programmer.



Give More LIfe-To Your Music Wtih The RY20, The Rhythm Programmer That Really Grooves!

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Continuing its leadership at the forefront of state-of-the-art digital music technology, YAMAHA proudly introduces the RY20 Rhythm Programmer. To enhance your stage performance, multi-track recording, and desktop music, it offers features and capabilities hitherto only available in machines costing many times more. With the use of its exceptional GROOVE functions you can escape forever from the "mechanical feel" common to conventional rhythm machines. -The high performance AWM tone generator delivers 300 state-of-the-art voices. - 50 preset, 50 user, and 50 combination patterns, each with six sections, give you a total of 900 patterns. - The sophisticated and musical groove functions add a "human feel" to the patterns while the swing function creates a looser feel. - 20 preset and 20 user drum kits, each with five drum/percussion pad banks and a five-octave bass bank. - Easy and efficient operation with the Jog/Shuttle Dial, simple and logical recording controls, and large custom LCD. - 12 velocity sensitive pads.


12 Velocity Sensitive Pads

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