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Killer Loops Slammin' Grooves...The SU200 Puts The Power In Your Hands!

SU200 Brochure [English] SU200 BrochurePDF [10.7MB]
SU200/DX200/AN200 Brochure [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 BrochurePDF [11.6MB]
SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer -Loopfactory- [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer -Loopfactory-PDF [4.5MB]
SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer 2 -Loopfactory- [English] SU200/DX200/AN200 Flyer 2 -Loopfactory-PDF [326KB]

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Presenting the SU200. The most power-packed phrase sampler in its class.Once you get your hands on its intuitive sampling interface, awesome effects, impressive remixing functions and realtime controllers, you'll be creating and mixing loops in no time - even if you've never owned a sampler before. That's because the SU200 is loaded with an outstanding array of features that make it easier than ever to create killer dance tracks. its amazing "LOOP REMIX" function lets you change the groove of your loops as you play them - ON THE FLY. And by simply pressing the "LOOP TR PLAY" button, your sample loops will instantly play back in perfect sync - regardless of their original BPM! if you've been wanting to lay down your own sample-based grooves, check out the SU200 and you'll agree - it's one HOT box!


Loop Track Play (Internal BPM Sync)

Only the SU200 allows you to synchronize playback of sample loops that are sampled at different speeds. Press this button and you'll be able to make the perfect mix just by muting and unmuting sample pads.

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