A New Dimension In Sound And Rhythm Creation

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Welcome to the SU700 Sampling Factory - machine that lets you create music the way you feel it. Thanks to its Intuitive Interface, easy MIDI implementation, and Bright Florescent Display, the SU700 is incredibly simple to use. Quick and Easy Sampling is just a start. With the SU700's many innovative features, such as Knob Function Keys and Scene and Marker Memory, anyone can lay down amazing tracks. Simply assign a sampled drum or bass phrase to one of the SU700's Auto Loop tracks and you'll instantly have a looping rhythm that automatically matches any tempo you select with the BPM Counter. Once your samples are in place, the real fun begins. Use the SU700's Groove Function to radically tweak the feel of the rhythm. Change the Sound level and EQ to create a floor-pounding bass drum. Then add phasing, reverbs, MIDI-synchronized delays, and other effects to each sample phrase with the Built-In Multi-Effects Processor. Even external sound sources from the Audio In Pad can be processed with effects. From there, you can create an acid bass line by tweaking one of the Resonant Filters in real-time with the SU700's Assignable Control Knobs or by assigning the filter to the LFO. Finally, use the Ribbon Controller to scratch a sample over your mix and the Master Pad to simultaneously fade everything out. Once your song is completed, you can save it to disk with the built-in Floppy Disk Drive. With the SU700's sound altering and loop sequencing capabilities, the possibilities for creating dynamic grooves are endless!


Creative Composition

Bring out those tracks you've been playing around with in your head. You don't have to be a technical wizard or a musical genius, or have tons of gear to make killer tracks. All you need are two things the SU700 and a creative mind. With the SU700's intu...

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