From the Yamaha Atelier in Hamamatsu

Yamaha designers worked with world-class players and educators to develop a unique series of professional-level instruments. The YVN series violins are made by hand in the Yamaha Atelier in Hamamatsu, Japan. These instruments are designed with the advanced performer in mind for outstanding playability, projection and tone.

String Instruments Catalog [English] String Instruments Cataloge-book String Instruments CatalogPDF [7.3MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

On top of the extremely highly skilled craftsmanship which is realized in our Custom Workshop, even much severer criteria for material selection than that for YVN100/200 series, newly developed oil varnish and originally designed antique finish, and other unique features have contributed to achieve their 'matured' tonal characteristics and playabilities. Moreover, enormous time and energy have been spent in its development period for cooperative activities with world's top artists. Many of them have worked very closely with us for years, and have given precious comments which also form the essence of these violins. Thus YVN500S/G violins were born to best serve serious students, rofessional players, and educators.

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