Professional Series, Key: Bb/F/D/Gb, Bore: Dual: 13.89-14.3mm (0.547-0.563"), Bell: Gold-brass, 256mm (10"), Weight: Standard, Outer slide: Nickel silver, Inner slide: Nickel silver, Finish: Clear lacquer

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The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Yamaha Professional model bass trombones feature agile and quick response, highly accurate intonation, and best of all a rich full sound. They play evenly and comfortably in all registers-at any dynamics and the tone is warm and dark but with excellent projection. The YBL-605 is a traditional German style bass trombone, but has a slide/bell configuration the same as on conventional trombones allowing players to switch back and forth between types.


Slide/bell positions

Unlike other German style trombones, the slide/bell relationship is the same as a normal trombone so that players can switch back and forth with ease.

More Features

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