For the Warm "Natural" Sound of Fine Grenadilla Wood...

800 series handmade wooden flutes, Ring keys, In-line, E mechanism

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

They also deliver all the carrying power of a silver flute! Which means that Yamaha Handmade wooden flutes are suitable not just for solo and chamber music, but also for use in the modern symphony orchestra. Their remarkable tonal projection is the result of combining the state-of-the-art Type 4 scale with Yamaha's unique EC headjoint, and of their specially designed toneholes- which are the same size as on metal flutes.



The lip plate and headjoint body are sculpted out of a single piece of fine African grenadilla for a pure, natural resonance. The surface of the lip plate is extermely comfortable and provides secure control.

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Handmade Silver Flutes

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