James Morrison Signature Trumpet

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

In 1992 James Morrison first went to the Yamaha Band Instrument manufacturing plant in Tooyoka Japan, with a brief to investigate the feasibility of developing a new trumpet for Australian conditions. This was to be an instrument designed specifically for Australian students and musicians. Many varieties were available at the time, and many overseas artists were endorsing many brands. The objective was to provide students and musicians with a local resource; namely, an instrument of high quality at a reasonable price. Since the introduction of the "Morrison Trumpet" in 1993, James has traveled many times around the world performing with this instrument. In Australia, he has visited many schools and institutions conducting workshops and concerts, and communicating knowledge and information pertaining to the design and performance capabilities of the instrument. On his second visit to Tooyoka, James reviewed the original trumpet design, the result of which is the Mark ll, available since 1997.

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