• TSX-112

Colors / FinishesTSX-112:Red

  • TSX-112:Red
  • TSX-112:Orange
  • TSX-112:Yellow
  • TSX-112:White
  • TSX-112:Black



MSRP: $349.95

Sound and design that will rouse your spirit.

The TSX-112 Desktop Audio System features a Built-in iPhone/ iPod Dock, CD player, Alarm clock with an FM/AM Tuner and a front panel USB, along with a bold design and robust sound that will rouse your spirit.

Made for iPod® and iPhone® iPod Digital Connection USB CD Text Display

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


Delivers Natural Sound of Higher Quality than the Size Indicates

The TSX-112 lives up to Yamaha’s reputation for outstanding audio performance with a wood cabinet and metal front panel that combine to minimize vibration. You enjoy clean, crisp highs and impressive bass.

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