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Employing large-caliber drivers, these in-ear headphones deliver full-range sound with powerful bass, clear mids and crisp, sparkling highs. A lightweight, ergonomic design provides an ultra-comfortable fit and a tangle-resistant cable offers a built-in ...

EPH-M100Other colors available



Featuring the world’s first sound tubes made from beta-titanium, an alloy with unique flexibility and strength properties, the tips conform perfectly to your ear canals. Combined with large-caliber drivers in a lightweight, ergonomic design, these in-ear...

EPH-M200Other colors available



For the professional audio experience. Enjoy Yamaha’s legendary, natural sound from your mp3 player, iPod, or home stereo with maximum listening comfort, noise isolation, and high fidelity.

EPH-C500Other colors available



Canal-type, in-ear headphones isolate external ambient noise. Superior audio performance gives you deep bass, crisp highs, and an extended frequency range.

EPH-C300Other colors available



In-ear headphones isolate outside noise. Superior audio performance gives you the full range of sound while on the go.

EPH-C200Other colors available

PRO 500

PRO 500PRO 500

MSRP: $399.95

The PRO 500 headphones deliver a sound so extraordinary – so real, so clear, so enveloping – it makes your pulse run faster and sends shivers down your spine. It transports you to another time and place.

PRO 500Other colors available

PRO 400

PRO 400PRO 400

If music is your passion, Yamaha designed the PRO 400 headphones for you. They don’t merely deliver sound to your ears, they create the sensation of being there – in your favorite studio session, at an unforgettable concert, or lost in a universe that on...

PRO 400Other colors available

PRO 300

PRO 300PRO 300

Just because you travel light doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your music. The PRO 300 headphones give you the best of both worlds – portability and power. Its sleek, lightweight design is perfectly matched with a bold, precise and vibrant sound.

PRO 300Other colors available



Headphones that embody true Yamaha quality with incredibly detailed sound and superb comfort.

HPH-200Other colors available



Listen to music with the EPH-100... and discover greater detail and more clarity than ever before.

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