[PC-1N Series]

More Yamaha Milestones on the Road to Perfect Sound. Unparalleled Sound and Reliability

Networkable power amplifiers that achieve superior reproduction quality with remarkably low power consumption.

PC-1N Series Brochure [English] PC-1N Series BrochurePDF [2.3MB]
Y-S3 Brochure [English] Y-S3 BrochurePDF [711KB]

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A full model revision takes Yamaha's high-end PC-N power amplifiers to the next level - the PC-1N Series. The new PC-1N Series amplifiers feature an extraordinarily solid low end, rich midrange, and superbly defined highs. They also deliver fast response and exceptional stability even in the face of serious power supply limitations. Refinements throughout this expanded five-model lineup make these amplifiers the new benchmarks for quality, reliability, and versatility in professional applications.

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