16-Input Mixing Console


[MG Series (CX Models)]

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Extended Capacity and Versatility for Studio or Stage

16 channels, 6 busses, and all the outstanding digital effects you'll need to built in.

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This 16-input MG model is suitable for live sound applications in which flexibility and high quality digital effects are required. The MG166CX features high quality microphone preamplifiers and a built-in high quality digital multi effect.. A comprehensive complement of 3 auxiliary and 6 group buses provides extensive signal routing versatility in a sturdy, rack ready chassis.


Built-in SPX Digital Effects

There's an astonishing amount of signal processing power packed into the compact chassis of the MG166CX It incorporates a versatile digital multi-effect processor that provides a range of reverb, delay, modulation, and distortion programs you can use to ...

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