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VOCALOID4 Editor is stand-alone software for composing with VOCALOID.

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VOCALOID4 Editor is the latest version of Yamaha’s powerful voice synthesis engine with several new features for innovative music production. This editor is a stand-alone application that can be used with various DAW software. Cross-Synthesis lets users design nuanced voice tones by blending two different sound libraries--one to enhance power and attack, the other to emphasize expressiveness like the sustain and release of notes. Growl adds hard tremolo to the voice for a more realistic and versatile sound. Pitch Render allows for editing the smoothness of pitch linkage or the level of vibrato application by using a visual display to make the settings.


Cross Synthesis

VOCALOID4 Editor was developed and produced based on input VOCALOID users all over the world. We proudly introduce our new features here, such as "Cross Synthesis", a feature which enables user to use different types of voices such as "Power" and "Natura...

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