Release Date : 8/2003

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Unlimited Performance Potential Plus Total Music Production

A Tutorial for the EX Series of Synths [English] A Tutorial for the EX Series of SynthsPDF [170KB]
EX5/EX7/EX5R Brochure [English] EX5/EX7/EX5R BrochurePDF [9.4MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

- Extended Synthesis engine including AWM, VL (EX5 & EX5R), AN, and newly developed FDSP tone generator systems. - 128-note polyphony on the EX5 and EX5R; 64-note polyphony on the EX7. - 512 voices and 128 performance setups. - Sophisticated sampling feature with multi-format compatibility and resampling capability. - 6 Controller Knobs provide unprecedented real-time control capability as well as precise, efficient data entry for editing. - Pitch Bend wheel, two Modulation wheels, 6 Controller Knobs, Ribbon Controller, Scene keys, and Breath Control jack for unlimited real-time expressive control. - 16-track song sequencer, 8-track pattern sequencer, and a versatile 4-track arpeggiator. - Key Map function allows keyboard triggering of sampled phrases and patterns. - Versatile master keyboard control capability. - Professional expandability with a comprehensive range of options.


Unlimited Performance Potential - Plus Total Music Production

The EX5 offers more than ever before in a single keyboard. Featuring a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of the most advanced tone generator technologies currently available...plus a full-featured sampling system. Top-quality...

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