• Absolute(2002-2009)

Colors / FinishesAbsolute CBF:Cherry Black Fade

  • Absolute CBF:Cherry Black Fade
  • Absolute VN:Vintage Natural
  • Absolute HY:Honey Yellow
  • Absolute CW:Cherry Wood
  • Absolute BLP:Black Sparkle
  • Absolute RPN:Red Pearl Natural
  • Absolute BUP:Blue Sparkle
  • Absolute VB:Vintage Black
  • Absolute SBU:Sea Blue
  • Absolute SOB:Solid Black
  • Absolute SLS:Silver Sparkle
  • Absolute WHM:White Mica
  • Absolute WMP:White Marine Pearl
  • Absolute BRF:Brown Fade
  • Absolute AMF:Amber Fade
  • Absolute SBF:Sea Blue Fade
  • Absolute AMF:Black Pearl Fade
  • Absolute SBF:Purple Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute BPF:Apple Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute PSF:Black Sparkle Sunburst
  • Absolute ASF:Black Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute BSS:Blue Sparkle Sunburst
  • Absolute BSF:Blue Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute YSF:Yellow Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute GSF:Gold Sparkle Fade
  • Absolute EBU:Embossed Blue
  • Absolute EGR:Embossed Green
  • Absolute RDS:Red Sparkle
  • Absolute MNS:Midnight Sparkle
  • Absolute HSK:Habanero Sparkle
  • Absolute HPS:Hot Pink Sparkle
  • Absolute GSK:Green Sparkle
  • Absolute ESL:Embossed Silver



With two shell materials, a wide selection of contemporary, universal, and retro shell sizes two lug types, and a choice of over 30 finishes, the Yamaha Absolute Series gives you the freedom to create a totally individual, personalized drum set.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


Shell Materials

You can select the shell material from maple or birch. Hard, dense maple delivers a warm tone with outstanding sustain and produces a versatile tone that blends well with a wide range of musical styles, making it popular with drummers from all over the w...

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