Colors / FinishesAbsolute Maple Hook Lug:

  • Absolute Maple Hook Lug:
  • Apple Sparkle Fade:
  • Black Sparkle:
  • Black Sparkle Sunburst:
  • Blue Ice Sparkle:
  • Blue Sparkle:
  • Burgundy Sparkle:
  • Carmel Sparkle:
  • Cherry Wood:
  • Deep Blue:
  • Embossed Silver:
  • Glowing Luminious White Sparkle:
  • Luminious White Sparkle:
  • Matte Natural:
  • Midnight Skyblue Sparkle:
  • Midnight Sparkle:
  • Red Pearl Natural:
  • Red Sparkle:
  • Silver Sparkle:
  • Solid  Black:
  • Solid Silver:
  • Vintage Black:
  • Vintage Natural:
  • White Grape Sparkle:
  • white Marine Pearl:

Absolute Maple with Hook Lug

Absolute Maple Hook Lug


Absolute Maple is the #1 drum set choice of drummers worldwide because of its wide tuning and dynamic range. With the new YESS-IIM mounting system, newly-designed hook lug, and hot new finishes, the Absolute Maple Series is perfect for any musical style.

Absolute Catalog [English] Absolute CatalogPDF [1.8MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


Staggered Diagonal Seam/Air Seal System:

The heart of any drum is the shell, and Yamaha's method of hand-crafting shells produces the strongest, most consistent drums available. Yamaha drums feature a staggered diagonal seam to ensure a shell that starts round, and stays round and will not requ...

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