• PHX

Colors / FinishesPHX TQF:Turquoise Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash

  • PHX TQF:Turquoise Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash
  • PHX TBS:Textured Black Sunburst / Textured Finish / Ash
  • PHX GNF:Garnet Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash
  • PHX SPF:Sapphire Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash
  • PHX TAS:Textured Amber Sunburst / Textured Finish / Ash
  • PHX BCS:Black Cherry Sunburst
  • PHX PWH:Polar White
  • PHX MBL:Matte Black
  • PHX MN:Matte Natural
  • PHX TQF Gold Hardware:Ash Gold Turquoise Fade
  • PHX TBS Gold Hardware:Ash Gold Textured Black Sunburst
  • PHX GPF Gold Hardware:Ash Gold Garnet Fade
  • PHX SNF Gold Hardware:Ash Gold Sapphire Fade
  • PHX TAS Gold Hardware:Ash Gold Texture Amber Sunburst
  • PHX BCS Gold Hardware:Maple Gold Black Cherry Sunburst
  • PHX PWH Gold Hardware:Maple Gold Polar White
  • PHX MB Gold Hardware:Maple Gold Matte Black
  • PHX MNT Gold Hardware:Maple Gold Matte Natural

High-end acoustic drums


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The PHX Series, from the YAMAHA Drum Laboratory

We redefined what a high-end drum-set was when we introduced Recording Custom in the 1970s. With the introduction of PHX, we set the bar even higher by creating the ultimate musical instrument for drummers.


The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.



The shells of the PHX are 11-ply hybrid shells. The woods used are progressively harder from the center ply to the outer plies. The center ply is jatoba; this is a very hard wood' and it "anchors" the fundamental of the shell. Sandwiched on either side o...

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