• Rock Tour

Colors / FinishesRock Tour in Matte Black:(Available in the US)

  • Rock Tour in Matte Black:(Available in the US)
  • Metallic Smoke:(Available in the US)
  • Textured Green:(Available in the US)
  • Textured Red Sunburst:(Available in the US)
  • Textured Smoke Sunburst:(Available in the US)
  • Textured Green Sunburst:(Available at select dealers)

Rock Tour


What it takes to meet the demands of today’s young rock drummer

Every detail in the design of Rock Tour is aimed at what it takes to meet the demands of today’s young rock drummer. The Big Leaf mahogany shells have the tone and projection they need, and the finishes have an edgy look to complement their style. We made no compromise to Yamaha’s legendary quality and attention to detail so that Rock Tour can stand up to the rigors of a busy touring schedule and still provide unmatched tone when you put them under the microscope of the recording studio.

Rock Tour Catalog [English] Rock Tour CatalogPDF [1.9MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Hardware and toms offer quality inherited from Yamaha's high end drum kits, and the kits provide excellent durability and great cost performance. Rock Tour drums are available in three all-new finishes. Any one of which will have you looking sharp on stage. If you're ready to make your mark, check out the new Rock Tour drums and give it your best shot.



Yamaha is commitment to creating fine musical instruments, while being careful to preserve our valuable natural resources, continues with Rock Tour. The Big Leaf mahogany begins as seed from South America and is planted in managed forests in Indonesia. T...

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