Electronic Drum Kit with 4 Touch Sensitive Drum Pads


[DD/YDD Drums]

Release Date : 5/2005

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Designed for the beginning drummer, and ideal for anyone who lives with a drummer.

Exploring your interest in electronic percussion has never been easier, or more economical, than with the Yamaha DD20C digital drum kit.

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The DD-20 is a lightweight, portable digital drum kit with four touch-sensitive pads. Select from 55 drum and percussion sounds and assign one to each pad. Set the tempo simply by tapping. Play along with any one of 100 built-in styles. The DD-20 is designed for the beginning drummer, and the silent headphone-based playing mode makes it ideal for anyone who lives with a drummer.


It's a Touch Sensitive…

The DD20C features 4 Touch Sensitive drum pads. A heavier touch will create a louder sound, a lighter touch will give you a softer one. That means that the DD20C will respond like an acoustic drum – with expressive music.

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