The DTX500K is the most affordable model and is loaded with professional features

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The pads feature a traditional rubber surface for the snare and toms, and provide good stick rebound without being too bouncy. You get two cymbals, a hi-hat pad and pedal controller, and a kick pad that includes a genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal that can be used on acoustic drums. The DTX500 trigger module has high-quality sounds, built-in practice songs, and training functions. With the ability for upgrading and expanding with DTX-PADs, the DTX500K is perfect for anyone getting into drumming.



Module: DTX500
Snare : TP65
Tom: TP65 x 2
Floor Tom: TP65
Bass Drum : KP65
Hi-Hat : TP65 + HH65
Crash Cymbal: PCY65
Ride Cymbal : PCY65
Rack : RS40
Foot Pedal : FP6110A

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