DTX700 Series


The DTX700 series kits feature DTX-PADs and the DTX700 trigger module, with over twelve hundred outstanding drum and percussion voices.

In addition to the 1,268 drum and percussion sounds and 128 instrument voices, you can add new sounds to the DTX700 by simply loading them into the included 64MB Flash-ROM. By incorporating the DTX-PADs (the most advanced drum pads ever made) for the snare and toms you develop real drum playing technique the more you play the drums. And you’ll be playing day and night with the on-board practice songs that let you mute the drums and play along; you can even record yourself for further study.

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The DTX700K is a kit that can take you all the way from lessons, to the stage, and into the studio.



The DTX750K is a professional electronic drum set with serious performance qualities and music production capability.



The DTX790K features our flagship DTX-PADs combined with the new DTX700 trigger module for top-of-the-line performance at a reasonable price.

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