Electronic Drum Accessories

Product Categories

Mounting Hardware

Mounting HardwareMounting Hardware

Cymbal and drum pad mounts and clamps for DTX components.

Cymbal Pads

Cymbal PadsCymbal Pads

Cymbal/hi-hat pads for DTX series.

Hi-Hat Controllers

Hi-Hat ControllersHi-Hat Controllers

Hi Hat control pedals for DTX series.

Kick Pads and Pedals

Kick Pads and PedalsKick Pads and Pedals

Kick pads and pedals for DTX series.

Monitor Amps

Monitor AmpsMonitor Amps

DTX series monitor systems - incorporate sub-woofer and stereo satellite speakers.

Drum Pads

Drum PadsDrum Pads

Drum pads for DTX series.



Attached to the head or shell of an acoustic drum, the Drum Trigger allows you to trigger sounds from a DTX sound module.

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