Colors / FinishesLNS1455 EWS:Emerald Shadow Sunburst

  • LNS1455 EWS:Emerald Shadow Sunburst
  • LNS1455 BWS:Black Shadow Sunburst
  • LNS1455 AWS:Amber Shadow Sunburst
  • LNS1455 BKW:Black Wood


[Live Custom]

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Size : 14"x5 1/2"

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

  • All Oak 6ply Shell
  • Dark Silver Finished Hardware
  • Q type Strainer release

Live Custom Snare Drum


Oak Shell

10% thicker than the plies used in the Oak Custom, the oak plies found in these shells deliver sound with greater power on the live stage.

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