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To obtain the rich sound of a vintage snare drum suitable for any musical genre, the V-Series(VSD) incorporates a variety of specifications. YAMAHA's original reinforced shell is equipped with a ring formed through the Airseal System, which is also used for the Airseal shell. The Vintage Finish process delivers maximum vibratory response in this series. The V-Series(VSD) is available in four visual themes, including new colors. The series features minimized lugs and bolts, as well as a slightly deeper snare head. These factors are there to bring out the amazing tonality you expect from YAMAHA. You'll feel and hear the difference from the various first beat.

Whether you're creating a funky score for an action movie, a classical composition, or just playing for the fun of it, Yamaha's arranger workstations contain hundreds of sounds to inspire your imagination. Many models include the industry's best, most accurate and responsive grand piano voice, and the parameters for every sound can be changed at any time. Music Styles technology makes it easy to fill in intros, variations, and endings. Arranger workstations have dozens of options to increase your musical productivity and bring your musical ideas to life.


Vintage Coating

In order to best demonstrate the characteristics of the shell materials, special synthetic resin coating materials are carefully applied by hand. This thin but hard coating provides durability and stubborn resistance to changes in temperature and humidit...

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This is the ideal snare drum for someone looking for the sound and feel of the classic vintage snare drums sought after by collectors.

VSD-1460Other colors available

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club Back Beat. Loud sensitive and vintage.