Colors / FinishesVSD1460 VBK:Vintage Black

  • VSD1460 VBK:Vintage Black
  • VSD1460 VN:Vintage Natural
  • VSD1460 VA:Vintage Apple
  • VSD1460 VBR:Vintage Brown

14" x 6" Vintage Series Maple Snare Drum with Reinforcing Rings



This is the ideal snare drum for someone looking for the sound and feel of the classic vintage snare drums sought after by collectors.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.



The 14" x 6" four-ply maple shell with 6-ply reinforcing rings is modeled after some of the most popular vintage snare drums. The bearing edges are 60° with a rounded profile for maximum contact with the head. This gives the drum a warm, and woody tone, ...

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club Back Beat. Loud sensitive and vintage.