Electronic Teaching Trumpet


[EZ Series]

Release Date : 1/2004

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Easy to play, real trumpet sound, just by singing.

Have some fun with brass and woodwind sounds in one electronic marvel, the EZ-Trumpet from Yamaha.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

The EZ-TP is a uniquely versatile trumpet that anyone can play! Just hum or sing your favorite melody into the mouthpiece and automatically play any one of twenty-two different realistic musical instruments, including various trumpets, saxophone, flute, and even human voice. The EZ-TP eliminates many of the difficulties of playing a real trumpet, such as putting your lips to the mouthpiece correctly, controlling the pitch and working of the valves. Playing the EZ-TP incredibly easy and there's no need to practice!


No Embouchure Necessary!

No need to learn complicated and exacting mouth positions. Hum-To-Play operations ensure that making the right tone is easy.

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