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Mystical scenes of ancient Egypt are the theme for the East model. The 12th fret position marker is an exquisite Eye of Horus design done in blue. The sound hole is surrounded by ancient hieroglyphic inlay work.

Acoustic Guitars Catalog [English] Acoustic Guitars CatalogPDF [9.4MB]

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

  • A.R.T. 3way Pickup System (System59)
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Quilted Mahogany Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck

The CPX15II series instruments are high-quality, hand crafted acoustic-electric guitars. The lineup consists of five instruments that are cosmetically themed, four for the four points of the compass, north, south, east, and west, and the fifth carrying a nautical theme. The CPX15II is the base model in the Compass series and features Yamaha's A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) 3-way pickup System 59, which consists of a main pickup delivering overall body tone, a sub pickup on the high end for adding overtones, and a sub pickup on the low end for adding resonance. These three pickups deliver a sound that is natural and robust. This system and the bracing design, both help to eliminate feedback.


A.R.T. Preamp Systems (System59)

This system offers individual controls for the main pickup and two sub pickups (bass and treble). It also has a 3-band equalizer and Master Volume for fi ne tone tailoring.

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