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The historic SBG models are individually handcrafted by the highly skilled master luthiers of the Yamaha Music Craft workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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Black hardware and parts on the monotone body create a cool look. Equipped with EMG pickups(EMG85 front/EMG81 rear) delivers a hard-edged sound.

SBG1820AOther colors available



This is the standard model of the SBG1820 series and the guitar all of the new SBGs are based on. Its spec and appearance are based on feedback from the artists who were involved in its development in Tokyo, London and YASB(ex YASH) in Hollywood. SBG1820...

SBG1820Other colors available



Vintage SBG look with a pair of Seymour Duncan SP90s. Delivers a wide palette of tone rangingfrom warm solo to bright, crisp comping.

SBG1802Other colors available

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