Wes Borland Signature Electric Guitar

CV820 WB


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Wes Borland Signature Electric Guitar, with Wes Borland designed body profiling, unique Takumi-Kezuri body construction, Yamaha Finger Clamp® quick change tremolo system and Yamaha Custom33 split-field humbuckers.

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The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Wes Borland is well known on stage for his elaborate face paint and black-tinted contacts as guitarist for Limp Bizkit. He has also kept himself busy fronting his own band Black Light Burns and as a member of such bands as Big Dumb Face, Eat the Day, and Goatslayer.


Wes Borland Signature Electric Guitar

Borland was intensely involved in every aspect of the design process of his dream signature model from conception to completion. This new model boasts a distinctive design incorporating Yamahas unique Takumi-Kezuri construction in which the back, sides, ...

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