Tradition that inspires

Crafted using time-honored techniques and construction, the L Series builds on Yamaha’s enduring heritage of acoustic instrument design to create instruments that meet and exceed the demands of today’s guitarists. Featuring a classic shape and exquisite mother-of-pearl inlays, these guitars possess the unique combination of well-rounded tone, superb playability and excellent dynamic range exemplified by the L Series. For stage performances, high-quality pickups capture every nuance of your playing, giving you the perfect vehicle to harness your inspiration and let your creativity flow.

The L Series History

2014 Current L Series launched 2004 L Series 3rd generation 1987 Yamaha 100th anniversary 1985 L Series 2nd generation 1975 L Series 1st generation 1974 L Series 1st model 2001 SLG Series launched 1987 APX Series launched 1971 FG high-end model launched 1966 Yamaha folk guitar launched 1950s Dynamic guitar launched 1998 CPX Series launched 1972 1st generation of electric acoustic guitars 1966 Yamaha electric guitar launched 1946 Begins production of guitars
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