A.R.E. & New Bracing

A modified non-scalloped bracing design retains the L series' characteristic bright tone while enhancing low-end tone. Treating the tops with Yamaha's exclusive A.R.E. process gives the instrument a rich, vintage quality tone making it sound, from the first time you pick it up, as though it has been played for years.

Choice of Rosewood or Mahogany Back and Sides



The lineup now includes models with back and sides of mahogany (LL16M/6M, LS16M/6M) letting you choose according to your playing style and tonal needs. Rosewood models offer well-balanced tone from low to high while mahogany delivers rich low-end with quick response.

SRT Zero Impact Pickups

New P.U. (SRT)

The SRT Zero Impact Pickup system is a newly developed passive type pickup system designed to minimize the pickup's impact on the tone and traditional appearance of the instrument. The system utilizes individual piezoelectric elements for each string to faithfully reproduce the dynamic sound of the L-Series and give the instrument outstanding presence when playing in a band.

* The system does not incorporate controls or preamplifier in the guitar body. Connect the pickup system to an external preamp via the output jack in the endpin.

Neck and Fingerboard

A reevaluation of string spacing, string height, fingerboard binding, and neck taper led to a new neck shape that better fits today’s traditional players. The new design offers stable grip and smooth playability over the full length of the neck.

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