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Survival Kits 

Survival Kits Survival Kits 

Survival Kits contain accessories you need to make using your Yamaha portable or arranger keyboard more enjoyable. Accessories such as a power adapter, foot switch, headphones, rebate coupons and a 2-year extended warranty (contents vary by kit).

AC Power Adaptors

AC Power AdaptorsAC Power Adaptors

AC power supply for Yamaha electronic keyboards.

Foot Controllers

Foot ControllersFoot Controllers

Foot controller to increase/decrease volume or other parameter values.

Foot Pedals

Foot PedalsFoot Pedals

Foot pedal that works like an acoustic piano sustain pedal.

Foot Switches

Foot SwitchesFoot Switches

Simple foot switch that controls sustain on/off. It can also be utilized as an foot switch controller for synthesizers, tone generators and drum machines.



Stereo headphones for Silent Pianos, Digital Pianos, Stage Pianos, Synthesizers, and other electronic keyboards.

Keyboard Stands and Benches

Keyboard Stands and BenchesKeyboard Stands and Benches

Stands and Benches for Yamaha keyboard instruments.

Monitor Speakers

Monitor SpeakersMonitor Speakers

Optional monitor speakers for Yamaha keyboard instruments.

Music Rests

Music RestsMusic Rests

Music rests for Yamaha keyboard instruments.



Optional USB floppy disk drive for Yamaha keyboard instruments.

USB-MIDI Interfaces

USB-MIDI InterfacesUSB-MIDI Interfaces

Easily connects your computer's USB port and MIDI instruments.

Flash Memory Expansion Module

Flash Memory Expansion ModuleFlash Memory Expansion Module

Non volatile memory retains your waveform, samples and download data even when the instrument is turned off.

Cases & Bags

Cases & BagsCases & Bags

Cases & Bags for Yamaha keyboard instruments.



Interfaces for Yamaha digital musical instruments.

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