Release Date : 10/2005

Yamaha maintains its innovative edge with a new dimension in sound for the Professional Musician - Mega Voice@ technology

Authentic sounds, powerful, exciting styles plus a vast feature set including Audio and MIDI recording, Tyros2 is a never-ending source of musical inspiration

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

Bursting with new innovative features the Tyros2 is a true musical powerhouse. Revolutionary Super Articulation Technology delivers the best and most expressive voices we've ever put into a keyboard. 400 dynamic accompaniment styles meticulously recreate every nuance of the world's most popular musical genres. With the brand new Hard Disk Recorder, you can not only record what you play, but also what you sing to an optionally installed hard disk drive. Use the Vocal Harmony effects to further enhance your recording. The Tyros2 is a veritable treasure chest of inspiration for all your musical applications.


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