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Basic Model. Simple, Elegant Construction.

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With superb expressive capabilities and a revolutionary new action mechanism, the new Yamaha Celesta and Keyboard Glockenspiel are perfect for ensemble performance with an orchestra. The first single-layer action mechanism provides a uniform feel across the entire keyboard, for better performance in an ensemble setting. New models are also lighter in weight than previous models, as it has less moving parts due to a different design to the resonator box.

The CEL-53 is the basic model Celesta with a range of C40-E92, 53 total keys. The CEL-56 is the professional model, setting it apart with the inclusion of a soft pedal. In addition the CEL-56 has a slightly higher range of C40-G95, for a total of 56 keys. Finally, the CEL-56PGL is a Keyboard Glockenspiel featuring deer antler hammers. The CEL-56PGL is ideal for subtle, nuanced performance required by pieces such as Mozart's Magic Flute and Debussy's La Mer.

These instruments utilize a grand piano action that makes smooth playing possible and allows for easy adjustment and calibration. The damper pedal is situated slightly right of center, exactly where the piano player would expect. The keyboard height is equal to that of a piano and has a narrow key slip leading to a more comfortable posture and hand positioning. The music rest is ideally positioned to permit clear visibility of the score and the conductor simultaneously. Finally, a folding cover protects and preserves the keys.

Whether it is excellent tone, piano-like feel or practical design, the Yamaha Celesta and Keyboard Glockenspiel are a great choice for high schools and professional orchestras seeking one that stands above the rest.


The first single-layer grand piano action

The first single-layer grand piano action with full length keys provides remarkable expression and control, with a light but positive touch and delicate response.

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