76 Piano-size Touch-sensitive Key GM Portable Keyboard with YES II™


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The first portable keyboard with 76 piano-style keys

The first Yamaha 76-key Portable Keyboard with Piano-size Box-style keys and a disk drive, the DGX300 is the piano with less needs. Needs less space, less money and less help moving.

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The DGX-300 is a 76-key piano-style touch response keyboard with an extra high quality piano sound. It offer features designed specially for the up to date piano user. These include a disk drive making it convenient to save compositions without a computer and play songs, and an outstanding new music database that makes it so easy to sound professional when playing your favorite songs. Basicaly, it has all the performance options and features of the DGX-500.


76 Box-type Piano keys are a hint something is very different about Yamaha's new DGX-300

The DGX-300 is part of a new piano-focused series of instruments from Yamaha called Portable Grand™. Ask yourself: "Who is most qualified to produce excellent piano performance in an affordable portable keyboard?" Answer: The world's most respected piano...

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