88 Piano-size Box-style Touch-sensitive Key GM Portable Keyboard with YESII™


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The first 88-note portable

The DGX500 is the top-of-the-line in Yamaha's new Portable Grand series - designed from the ground up with a piano focus in mind. Features include 88 keys, Disk drive, Pedal & contemporary stand. Simply put, it's a piano at a Portable Keyboard price.

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The DGX-500 is an 88-key piano-style touch response keyboard with an extra high quality piano sound. It offer features designed specially for the up to date piano user. These include a disk drive making it convenient to save compositions without a computer and play songs, and an outstanding new music database that makes it so easy to sound professional when playing your favorite songs. Further, it comes with a furniture-style wood stand with matching end panels.


A Piano that will please your teacher, your decorator and your accountant

The DGX-500 is the first Portable Keyboard with piano keys and is the flagship in a new series of instruments from Yamaha called Portable Grand™. It is packed with functions and features designed specifically for the new piano user. Included with the DGX...

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