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Here's your main power source for heating up the dance floor!

A groove box keyboard with sounds from Old Skool to R&B

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The DJX-II is a 61-key keyboard with a built-in-groove box and sampler filled with Old Skool Funk, Hip Hop, Techno, and R&B grooves. Great electronic and acoustic sounds, including human voice samples, provide music with an edge. Synthesizer-type analog knobs allow natural control of cutoff and resonance. Capture the keyboard performance plus every tweak and knob turn to one of six pads for instant re-play. MIDI In/Out function can be utilized for loading new patterns or syncing to external MIDI devices. Color-coded keys make operation easy and fun. Bass boost makes for a huge sound. It's unlike any other portable keyboard.


No keyboard skills required!

The DJX-II keyboard from Yamaha is like no keyboard you've seen or played before. The extraordinarily versatile keyboard can be used as a conventional keyboard, for playing melodies and chords. However, for the powerful DJ functions, the keyboard is a la...

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