61 Piano-size keys and features Portable Grand™ function


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Release Date : 1/2003

Easy... and Fun! Perfect for the piano student

61 Piano-size keys and features Portable Grand™ function

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The PSR-175 is a 61-key keyboard with over 100 voices, including the industry's best Portable Grand™ piano voice. Learn to play with the built-in Yamaha Education Suite. A DJ feature with cool sounds and built-in loops provides a cutting-edge sound. Built-in speakers make it truly portable. Educational options and low price make the PSR-175 ideal for those learning to play.


Portable Grand: Industry's best piano

The 61 key PSR175 may have an entry-level price, but don't be fooled; it comes with a host of advanced features - like the Portable Grand™. The Portable Grand button is perfect for beginners and students. No matter what buttons and features you've been p...

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