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Release Date : 1/2003

Professional Quality Sound, Comprehensive Features - Total Music Creation

Sound Value for your dollar

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The PSR-2100 is the instrument of choice for many professional and semi-professional musicians, home hobbyists, singers and songwriters because this keyboard is all about sound. If you are familiar with other hi-end Arranger Workstations from Yamaha, you'll be amazed to find out that the PSR-2100 has 50% more wave ROM than the PSR9000 and 100% more than the PSR-2000 that it replaces and more wave ROM translates to better sound. It is also the first in the line to feature organ flutes with virtual drawbars and a vocal harmony unit that allows you to back up your singing performance with stunning 3-part harmony (including your original voice). And finally, you'll find a huge array of innovative features and functions tailored to the special needs of live and studio musicians including Quick Record, a large LCD with Score and Lyric capability, USB connectivity, 4 sections to each style, User memory for storing data, 32 channels of MIDI via USB and fixed level line-outs that make it easy to capture the creative moment.


Sound Value for your dollar

The PSR-2100 features a huge 32MB of wave ROM that is on par or higher than many professional synthesizers. And Yamaha puts this wave ROM to good use with an ample selection of over 800 voices, including 14 Sweet, 6 Cool! and 12 Live! Voices. Sweet Voice...

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