The PSR273 is the first in the line that is "touch sensitive" to sound and respond more like a piano.


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Release Date : 1/2003

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Computer ready keyboard with touch sensitive keys

Touch sensitive keyboard responds more like a piano!

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The PSR-273 is a 61-key touch response keyboard with over 480 voices, including the industry's best Portable Grand™ piano voice. Learn to play with the built-in Yamaha Education Suite. Play along with any one of 100 built-in songs. The PSR-273 is designed for musicians looking for a portable keyboard with an excellent piano sound, at a very affordable price.


Backlit LCD, Touch Sensitive Keyboard & Great Sound at a Breakthrough Price

The PSR273 features a lot of “firsts”. It is the first in the line with:

A backlit LCD capable of displaying musical notes, chord information and various functions
A touch sensitive keyboard that responds like a piano
General MIDI (GM) compatibili...

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Audio & Video

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