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Release Date : 1/2010

Real-Time Control Knobs, Improved Arpeggio, Pitch Bend, Dynamic Voices and Wider World Content

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The PSR-E423 offers several innovative features. The basic features for learning to play -- like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite -- and features for when it's time to perform, like synthesizer Control Knobs for real-time control of filter, effects, sound envelope and Style tempo. The Arpeggiator provides an expanded 150 different patterns and 40 arpeggio Voices. These easy-to-use professional features, along with its new black body, set this keyboard apart from others in its class.


Control Knobs, Arpeggiator and Pitch Bend

Most of the features of the PSR-E423 have been enhanced over its predecessor. Two control knobs provide real-time control for filtering the main melody tone, and changing the tempo of the arpeggio just like an analog synthesizer. The Pitch Bend wheel bri...

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