61 Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard with Portable Grand Function


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Release Date : 5/2005

Amazing sounds, touch sensitive keys, and a 2 track sequencer are just a few of the features available with the YPT-300.

An exceptionally easy-to-use keyboard that's packed with advanced features

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If you have wanted to get into portable keyboards for a while but have waited to find just the right one to start with here it is … the Yamaha YPT-300. Portable Grand functionality, 482 instrument voices and 106 accompaniment styles, 5 song memory locations for recording performances and practicing lessons, and a large back-lit LCD that displays music score and lyrics is just the beginning of what you get in this great portable instrument.


5 Song Memory with Easy to Use 2-Track Recorder

Play back that performance! Just press the Record button before you start, then enjoy it over and over again.

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