Digital Piano Clavinova


Real Grand Expression: Sound,Touch,Pedals

Experience a purely digital piano with
the heart and soul of a true grand

You 'll feel the difference from the very first notes you play. Realistic touch and response, paired with the unmistakable tone of the finest concert grand pianos ever made, the Clavinova delivers expressive capabilities and a dynamic range that redefines the standard for digital pianos today.

Imagine enjoying the subtle tonal shadings and broad dynamic range of a concert grand piano in the privacy of your home, or livening up family gatherings with an impressive library of accompaniment and instrument Voices. The Clavinova's amazing versatility and state-of-the-art functionality ensures all your musical needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Clavinova.

Life is better with Clavinova

One of TIME magazine's "50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time"

The choice is yours…

CLP Series

Distilling the very essence of a grand piano into the tone and touch that resonates with the aspiring pianist in you

  • Play a 9-foot CFX piano Voice, Yamaha's finest concert grand piano
  • Choose the warm tonal colors of the legendary Bösendorfer Imperial grand
  • Experience the sound, keyboard touch and pedal feel of a grand piano
  • Essential features for practicing and playing traditional piano music

Specifications vary depending on model

CVP Series

Broaden your musical horizons with an entire orchestra of authentic instrument Voices

  • Style features make you the band leader or orchestra conductor for full ensemble performance
  • With FollowLights, beginners can learn melodies while the orchestra follows THEM
  • Explore the vast Yamaha MusicSoft library with professionally-arranged, play-along tracks for either practice or performance.

Specifications vary depending on model

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