88-key, Graded Hammer Effect Digital Piano


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88-key, Graded Hammer Effect Digital Piano

This product is discontinued in the United States and may not be available at all dealer locations.

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AWM(Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation, with stereo sampling - 64-note polyphony - 88-key Graded Hammer Effect Keyboard - Digital EQ, reverb, and modulation effects - Single, Dual, and Split voice modes - One-touch Performance memory recall - Organ Combination voice creation - Assignable wheel, slider, and panel switches - Comprehensive MIDI controls - Built-in stereo speaker system - Convenient Panel Switch Lock function(to prevent accidental changing of voices during performance) The new Yamaha P-200 Electronic Piano gives you the best of all musical worlds. It features brilliant, authentic instrument voices in a full-scale 88-key weighted action keyboard. The acoustic piano voices in particular are stunning - providing all the full-bodied resonance and sparkling tone of an actual grand piano. Plus, the expanded 64-note polyphony ensures that you'll never run out of notes - even in the most densely played passages. With its effects, assignable controllers, extensive MIDI functions, and one-touch Performance settings, the P-200 also allows you to take full, expressive control over your music. Whether you're practicing at home, recording in the studio, or performing on stage, the P-200 has all you need to sound your absolute best!


Perfect for the Studio or Stage

Whether you're practicing at home, playing with the band, or doing a live solo performance, the Yamaha P series offers a range of models with just the features you need. All boast superb acoustic and electric piano voices along with a number of other ess...

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